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Muscle Rub - Wild Mountain Soap Company
Muscle Rub - Wild Mountain Soap Company

Muscle Rub - Wild Mountain Soap Company

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So you did it again… overworked your muscles to the point you need a little TLC from Mother Nature.

We’re all guilty of pushing ourselves beyond the point of good sense, but have you ever wondered what makes you sore and achy? When muscles lengthen and contract (“unsuccessfully” being the operative word), muscles’ cells get damaged. Your body goes into “all-hands-on-deck” mode to repair the injury leading to swelling and soreness.

It makes sense that the best way to mend muscles is to pump blood (along with nutrients) through those worn-out cells. The ingredients found in our rub feel cool when first applied, but quickly heat up to stimulate circulation and loosen muscles. They not only relieve soreness from injury but can ease that all too common tension headache. Bonus!

Here’s what you’ll find in every container of all-natural Mountain Muscle Rub:

Once used by Cleopatra to keep her skin soft and youthful, Aloe Vera is the “rub” in our muscle rub.

Menthol is our go-to pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory.

You might be more familiar with Capsaicin as the “hot” in hot peppers. We use it to get your blood flowing.

MSM Powder is an organic sulfur compound. Despite its dry-as-toast name, opens the pores of the skin and lets the other stuff do its work.